I’m excited to say that I’ll graduate on May 15 (assuming I show up to my finals). Anyone who wants to come is quite welcome.

School is going well — it looks like my course load will be an easy one, and I’m still enjoying some of my homework.

I went to the Lady Bears’ basketball game tonight and watched them lose narrowly to Oklahoma. I was surprised when it was announced that George W. Bush and Laura were in the arena, and when I picked them out in the crowd I was a little surprised to see a former leader of our country, one of the most famous and (formerly) powerful people in the world, a stone’s throw away. After a little more looking around I could pick out the secret service people at his perimeter, watching everything but the game.

Laura had a very polite, formal clapping style. W. didn’t clap at all — maybe he was too busy enjoying private life for the first time in eight years, or maybe he had something on his mind.